Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer Plans? Howabout Harold Chapman, Brion Gysin, Anne Waldman and Kyp Malone

Harold Chapman @ Proud Galleries, Chelsea, London July 29-August 29

[Ian Sommerville, Montparnasse, 1960. c.Harold Chapman]

[Peter Orlovsky & Allen Ginsberg, their room at 9 rue Git-le-Coeur, Paris December 1957. c. Harold Chapman]

Harold Chapman's got an exhibition opening next week, July 29, at London's Chelsea Proud Gallery , and it'll be up for the month of August. Chapman documented the Beat Hotel more thoroughly than anybody else, and tho he's had a few books in print, they're hard to find. Here's chance to get the full scope of his work. The Independent's Rob Sharp gives him and the show a decent plug delivering us some fantastic and useful background info and there's an additional side story by Sharp in today's Independent about his meeting Chapman for that story. Most recently he's in the Guardian talking about his 'best shot' of Allen & Peter.

Brion Gysin @ the New Museum

[Brion Gysin and the Dream Machine. Photo: c. Harold Chapman]

If you plan to be in NYC, don't miss the Brion Gysin exhibition at the New Museum that we mentioned here last week. With an entire floor of the museum devoted to this show, it's the most comprehensive show of his work to date. Interestingly enough the main image the New Museum is using for press is Harold Chapman's photo (above) of Gysin and his dream machine in Paris, for instance in the recent New York Times story. The show also gets decent coverage in NY Press, from Regina Weinreich in the Huffington Post, the Wall Street Journal, and great one in New York Magazine that does a nice tie in with the history of the Bunker.

DC "Howl" in the City July 23 & 24.

In conjunction with the the National Gallery's Beat Memories: The Photographs of Allen Ginsberg show (open through Sept 14), Busboys and Poets have been staging a series of readings and events and this weekend is peaks with "Howl" in the City at the 5th & K Streets location of Busboys and Poets.

Anne Waldman is reading Howl backed up by a string quartet performing Lee Hyla's score composed for the Kronos quartet in the 90s. There are three shows, two on Friday night , and one on Saturday night, with Saturdays performance followed by a not-to-be missed free concert by TV on the Radio's Kyp Malone at 10pm. Check for a brief but fun interview with Kyp.

Another great quote from him on AG: "I saw Allen Ginsberg give a reading and perform some songs in April of 1994 at some lecture hall on the CMU campus in Pittsburgh. I was 21 and about to move to San Francisco. I was a little confused how this little old effeminate man managed to bring so many people together to hear him sing of sodomy and whatnot. I was fairly enamoured. In my memory it was also the same day that Kurt Cobain was announced dead by his own hand but I could be mixing things up, I was late blooming and much was happening. A couple of years back in the little town where my kid lives, on the Delaware, the two of us out for coffee and juice, we came across an anthology of American poetry from which she requested I read her something. I found Howl and started in almost immediately translating/editing for my 7-year-old audience, who somewhere along the line picked up on my hesitation and asked if i I was changing the words, which I embarrassedly admitted. She wouldn't have my clean version, told me I couldn't censor poetry. So I read. His life and his work are truly inspirational. I'm honored to have been asked to perform and hope to do his spirit justice." - Kyp Malone

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  1. Working with Harold Chapman since about 12 years, I'm happy to see that the interest in his work is growing continuously. His intimate photographic documents about a time where the Beats picked Paris as their sanctuary are priceless. I truly hope that his exhibition at Proud Chelsea in London turns into a major success and gets the attention it deserves.