Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dead Poets Society of America Poets Graves Tour

[image: Allen Ginsberg's grave, Newark, NJ, via Dead Poets Societ of America Blog]
Our friend Steve Silberman stumbled across amazing this shot of Allen's headstone on the DPSA blog a few days ago. Great blog for grave-spotters, especially for those with a bent for poets. So far they're about halfway through their tour, photographing the graves and posting stories as they go..


  1. The movie is one of my favorites. it has so many points to recommend.
    for the first time i saw it, i put that sentence on my notebook, I mean "Seize the day"
    and later, every time i catch sight of it, it can really inspire me.
    and the last scene, "O Captain my Captain" it make me cry every time.

  2. wirrten on the grave hebrew words, i know he's jewish wirrten there ישראל אברהם בן יהודה (israel avrahm ben yehuda)