Friday, March 27, 2009

The Beats: A Graphic History

By Harvey Pekar, Nancy J. Peters, Penelope Rosemont, Joyce Brabner, Trina Robbins and Tuli Kupferberg

(Hill and Wang; 199 pages; $22)

We haven't had a chance to check out the graphic novel The Beats: A Graphic History so for now we're relying on Gerald Nicosia's review in last Sunday's San Francisco Chronicle. He points out some troubling factual errors, some fairly egregious ones in fact, but is even-handed enough to point out the books strong points, of which there seem to be many.

However, our favorite, without a doubt the most amusing & no-holds-barred vicious review, comes via Greg Adams in The Oregonian..

Once we get a look at it, we'll throw in our two cents.

...and here's (just in) John Leland in the New York Times

...and "Stacy" on the City Lights page - "I've read a lot of Beat books in my time here at City Lights but none are quite as fun as this graphic history"

"Fun"? - ok, "fun" - we'll go along with that!

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